"Ultra Violet Neon EX"  "Another Iconic Masterpiece and a deep Melodic Head rush.a Synthwave soundtrack..tailored for you, the chosen onea trip that cannot be recreated , it's me as your personal spirit guide for 44 minutes, singing from the perspective of your conscious" 

1. The Space (OP)
2. Pull Up (feat Dia Michelle)

3. Ultra Violet Neon

4. The Monster (feat Lolita)

5. I Told You Not To Party With Me Unless You're Down To Spend the Night

6. Save Me Time


8. Pretty Girls

9. Sugar Free (feat. F.A.W.N & Story of the Storytellers)

10. Aquamarine11. Ig Story (feat. F.A.W.N.)

12. Be Free

13. Good Chemistry (feat. F.A.W.N.)